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Fine Table Art Sculptures
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For nearly forty years this studio gallery has created some of the finest solid brass sculptures. Their collections of nautical and wildlife subjects are simply unmatched. All of their pieces are designed by artist's based in their Northern California studios and then meticulously hand-sculpted and cast in their own foundries.

Each Gallery Original begins as a 2-D concept art designed by a team of talented artists in Northern California.  Their Master Sculptures breathe dimension to the artwork with up to weeks of hand sculpting in modeling clay in their own atelier.  Expert mold makers carefully break the piece into parts to create detailed master molds.  Each part is cast in their own foundry using either the lost wax or sand casting method.  Artisans take the various cast parts and carefully weld them together.  After up to several days of welding, sanding and polishing, the metal sculpture takes it final form and the patina artists have their turn.

Their talented team of patina artists uses various techniques to give the solid brass sculpture color and texture.  Their often imitated but never duplicated Art Finish is a hand-applied, cold patina technique that results in an illusion of light shimmering and reflecting off wildlife swimming in clear blue water.

Each Brass Sculpture has a Marble Base.  The artistic detail and craftsmanship is delectable and would make a great center piece for anywhere in the home or office.
Great gift for any nautical enthusiast!

Free Shipping to the contiguous forty eight states.

Chance Encounter
( Marlin & Sailfish)
Marlin Sculpture

Size 25.5" H 14.5 "W 11"D
For Only $549.00
Sting Ray Duo
Sting Ray Duo

Size 16" H 11" W 8.5"D
For Only $195.00
Reef Explorers 
Seaworld Wall Decor

Size 9.5"H 16"W 5.5"D
For Only $265.00

Tortuga's Pride
Tortuga's Pride Sculpture

Size 8" H 6.5 "W 5"D
For Only $125.00
Sea Trio
Sea Trio Sculpture

Size 32" H 19 "W 16.5"D
For Only $925.00
Triple Dolphins Ribbon
Triple Dolphins Ribbon Sculpture
Size 15" H 15 "W 5.5"D
For Only $159.00
Sold Out

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