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Lefton's world leading Historic American Lighthouse Collection® is a highlight of our web site. We are very proud to be able to offer you the finest in our growing offerings of lighthouse collectibles. Lefton's varied product line runs the gamut of the sophisticated lighthouse collector's wish list. 
Rotating, illuminating, blinking lights and sound enhance many of these meticulously sculpted items-from figurines to lamps; windchimes to dinnerware. Click on our pages at your leisure and explore the "wonderful world of lighthouse collectibles".

Lefton Illuminated Lighthouses and Table Lamps - Bodie Island - NCRotating Beacons - Illuminated Lighthouses & Table Lamps
Lefton has introduced a  exciting collection of illuminated lighthouses with rotating beacons. This series will be slowly worked into the existing illuminated lighthouses series, replacing existing lights as they become retired. 
The expanded series of rotating beacons/illuminated lights are 'majestic' examples of architectural splendor, delicately captured in Lefton's Historic American Lighthouse Collection®. Currently, we are offering these one hundred plus (100+) lighted replicas, which are being collected throughout the world--evidence of their universal appeal and recognition of their outstanding service to both the U.S. and world's mariners. Our extensive collection includes both Special Event and Limited Edition lighthouses.
Table Lamp - Currituck - NC(Click on image for larger view)
All of the Rotating Beacon-Illuminated lighthouses are now available as Lighthouse Table Lamps, beautifully mounted on a wooden base, highlighted with nautical rope and adorned with a beautiful Old World design shade. Lefton is no longer distributing the table lamps but we were lucky enough to find the original manufacturer, and will continue to offer this outstanding product to our customers. (approx. table lamp size -varied - adding wooden base and lamp shade - 23" to 25" tall;  9" to 11 1/2" wide; shade 12" wide)

 We have recently added thirteen (13) new lamps in two outstanding series!  The quality of these lamps are unsurpassed -- truly exquisite collections in their own right!!!

Ship's Lantern Table Lamp series (3) -- consisting of a Captain's, Port & Starboard Lanterns. All have an antiqued bronze finish for a salty, patina look, complemented with a classic cream linen shade. Overall lamp heights are 23" - 25". 

American Artist Lighthouse Lamp collection (10) -- consisting of ten (10) exquisitely hand painted American lighthouses on hand cast ceramics and handsomely mounted on a wooden base, grooved to simulate a pier and wrapped with nautical rope for that perfect detail. The lamp is topped with a bone white soft pleated shade for that perfect complementary detail. Overall height is 24"-25", with the shade 12" in diameter.

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Lefton Miniature Lighthouses - Diamond Head - HIMiniature Lighthouses & Lighthouse Ornaments
For many collector's, the miniature lighthouse is a popular alternative to the larger rotating beacon-illuminated lighthouse replicas. Although not illuminated, Lefton has currently crafted over one hundred (100+) of them with the same high degree of attention to quality and detail as the larger pieces. 

The same attention to quality and detail is also available in the ornament size lighthouses. Imagine your tree accented with dozens of lighthouse ornaments scattered among the branches. Now you can use a few to enhance your other ornaments or create an entire nautical-themed tree with some of our seventy plus (50+) ornaments, including the Santa on Globe and Winter Lighthouse!

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Lighthouse Coin Banks - C ape Hatteras - NCLighthouse Coin Banks
In continuing their tradition as the company that first introduced lighthouse replicas in 1991, Lefton has now introduced a great addition to their Historic American Lighthouse Collection. This series of six (6) of Lefton's most popular lighthouses are now available as collector's coin banks! 

What a great gift item for both child and adult alike.

Left Lost Lights - Scotch Cap Light - AK"Retired" Lost Lights
Ever since the first U.S.lighthouse was built in the early 1700's, it was inevitable that some would be lost to the elements because of the necessary placement of them, in order to perform their mission. 
In late 2000, Lefton introduced a Limited Edition of 5,000 pieces of its first LOST LIGHTS Collection, artfully and precisely sculptured cold cast resin replicas. Shortly thereafter, the collection was increased, with the release of the 2nd, and final, collection of this series.Each piece is set on a wooden base with a brass name plate, numbered and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity in a beautifully designed tin box. 

This outstanding collection of days past has since been RETIRED. However, we are proud to be able to offer you a selected group of the original series in "brand new" condition. 

A collector's delight!!

Mini Flashing Beacons - Thomas Point - MD"Retired" Flashing Beacons & "New" Miniature Flashing Beacons
These highly popular lighthouse additions to Lefton's Historic American Lighthouse Collection®  are amazingly well-detailed with FLASHING BEACONS. Although smaller in scale than the illuminated lights, they are a "big hit" with collectors around the world. Each comes complete with a replaceable bulb (standard Christmas tree bulb) and runs on two (2) AA Batteries (not included). 
This outstanding collection has been RETIRED. However, we are proud to be able to offer you a selected group of the original series in "brand new" condition. A new series of slightly smaller replicas has recently been introduced and is available above as noted in our Miniature Lighthouses-Flashing Beacon page! 

Don't miss out on these "true" collector's editions!! Only a few left!

In continuing the Lefton tradition, a  series of six (6) Miniature Flashing Beacons has been introduced. The mere presence of these beacons offers our seafarers an invaluable sense of reassurance and hope. Each of these six (6) inch sentinels represents a fascinating glimpse of U. S. history. These replicas are just a slight bit larger than the regular miniature series of lighthouses.

Tastee Treaters - Hilton Head, SC
TASTEE TREATERS - Lighthouse Candy Dish
What a great item to receive as a gift, if you are a lighthouse lover!! Three of the most popular lighthouses made into candy dishes. What a great way to enjoy your cravings for both lighthouses and desserts. Cuddle up with this dish full of goodies and watch your favorite TV programs.
Enjoy your relaxation time!! Order them all!!

Lefton Windchimes - St. Augustine - FLWindchimes-Gongs
A great accent item for your home, inside or outside, Lefton has created great sounding windchimes from their most popular lighthouses. Relax on your favorite chair, read a book and listen to the meditating effects of the wind blowing through the six chimes coaxing you to sleep. Whoever said life is too complicated, never took the time to introduce themselves to Lefton's Historic American Lighthouse Collection®. 
This original collection has been RETIRED. However, we are proud to be able to offer you a selected group of the original series in "brand new" condition. Only a few left!

We have recently introduced a series of twenty-six (26) miniature windchimes & four (4) hand painted metal gongs, (non-Lefton), that will please everyone's pocketbook, without compromising our sense of quality.

A great accessorizing piece that will add to any decor!!

Home Decor - Dinnerware
Now, expanding their collection of lighthouse home decor items, we are pleased to present Lefton's Cape Hatteras Dinnerware & Accessories Collection - from coffee mugs to dinner plates to candle holders - all the areas are covered. Set your table or just decorate your kitchen, den and dining areas with these beautiful renditions of Cape Hatteras. 

A great addition to any home!! A treasured house gift!! These items are selling out fast so don't wait too long to order!!

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