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Lighthouse History

Built: 1967

Type: Texas Tower

Height: 175 feet

Status: Non-Active

Deactivated: 2001

Location: Dare County, 12 miles Southeast of Cape Hatteras

Lens: 1979 Automated

Keepers: U.S. Coast Guard

Notes: The lightship was replaced first by a lighthouse that was anchored in the 25-foot deep water of the shoals, and later destroyed by a storm, and then by a new lightship which lasted 70 years. This lightship was sunk by a German submarine in 1918.
Only accesible by boat.  Diamond Shoals light is equiped with a light, fog horn, a radio beacon, and a computer. The automated light failed in December 2001, and the structure has become too shaky for it to be repaired safely.

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